Edu-Larp Conference

You can find a collection of materials from Østerskov International Edu-larp Conference here.

The the program is now done, see it here.

Thanks for a great conference!


From the 10th to the 11 of april 2017, the two weekdays before the danish roleplay convention Fastaval, Østerskov Efterskole will hold an international edu-larp conference at the school.

The focus of this conference is sharing ideas and knowledge and networking with people who work in the same field but with different tools and backgrounds. This means that we want as many of you as possible to present something during the conference, so we can take all the skills, tools, ideas and experiences you all have and present to each other so we as individuals become better at what we do and so the field of edu larp and games moves forward and becomes stronger.


As this is our first foray into a conference we’ve decided not to set a theme for this year but are interested in anything related to edu larp or edu games. We know there’s a lot of really interesting things going on around the world, and lot of people are doing amazing stuff. There is already a community among people doing edu games and larps, and we want to facilitate and strengthen that community, by bringing people from different fields together and share their knowledge with each other.


To facilitate this goal we have created three different ways of contributing to the program.

Keynotes - 30 to 45 min

We are going to have keynotes, each will cover a central theme of edu larp or edu games. What they will be we don’t know yet, it depends on what suggestions we get, and which speakers we can find.

Lightning talks - 30 to 45 min (5 to 7 minutes each)

Then we have lightning talks, which is where the sharing of ideas comes in. If you don’t feel like doing a whole keynote this is where you can shine. It’s a group of quick, concentrated five minutes talks. With that little time you can only present one single item. It can be a presentation of an edu larp or edu game, or a presentation of a specific tool, or an idea or the result of some research. The focus is on presenting a single element, that you think could be interesting for other people to hear.


Lightning talks are a great way of getting a lot of different thoughts presented in a short span of time. This also fits our networking focus, because if you hear about something that you want to know more about, there will be time to go up to that speaker afterwards and talk more about it with them.

Workshops - 1 to 2 hours

The third element is workshops. They can be of any kind, for example “how to” workshops, or game design workshops, we also want some networking workshops. We also want short demonstrations of edu larps or edu games. That way participants can try out different kinds of edu larps and games. It could also be demonstrations of different tools or mechanics. The important thing is that this is the practical part, the doing of edu larp and games, so you won’t just be sitting around and listening all the time.


There will be four timeslots, two each day. Each slot will have one keynote and one lightning talk for all participants, after that there will be some workshops or game demonstrations to pick between. Then a longer break to eat, refresh and reflect. So you will get to hear four keynotes, four lightning talks with around 6 talks in each and participate in four workshop or game demonstrations.

Call for program

We are looking for pitches for all three types. Fill out this form to submit your idea.


Tickets are now available, you can get them here:



  • Time: From the 10th to the 11 of april 2017, the two weekdays before the big danish roleplay convention Fastaval.
  • Language: English
  • Price: 500 DKK. (250 for students)
  • Accommodation and food:
    • You will have to find your own accommodation, but contact us, and we will help with contacting the local hostel and hotel.
    • We will supply lunch and snacks and coffee, but you will have to find breakfast and dinner. But there are several restaurants and shops nearby.
    • We might organize communal trip to a local restaurant during one of the evenings. More information about that later.
  • Contact: